About Us

Boulder Electric was founded in the Cretaceous by Les Scott but soon bought by Paul Lindsay. David started working for Paul in the early ‘80’s when Boulder Electric was the contract electrical contractor for the University of Colorado and computer screens were black with green lettering (we had one). We were also a telephone system contractor back when people had telephones. That part of the business spun off and now is Trident Telephone, a commercial telephone contractor.

Paul moved to Hawaii in 1987 and David bought the company and continued working for some of the old clients; the Hotel Boulderado, the Big Red F restaurant group, Computer Systems Design and others. David and Tom Walker were the core crew throughout the 90’s and into the 21st century.

Jason Williams, the journeyman/crew chief, has a master’s license and joined after having worked for years for Lord and Reynolds Electric doing service work. He rides his Harley-Davidson cruiser in the mountains on the weekends.

Evan Salais, a Boulder native (!), came in from Lighthouse Electric. He likes to ride bicycles, the kind you have to pedal.